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International Meeting

Christic Reiki (Reiki Crístico)

Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram),

Tamil Nadú (India)

26 January 2010


Grupo Internacional, Científico de Estudios Místicos

(International Scientific Research Group  Mistycs)



Dr. en theologie Gumersindo Meiriño

Practice de Reiki Cristic

Zen Master Maria Benetti

Christic Reiki Seminar

First level


Theory: 9 a 14 hs.

From 15 a 17 hs: Practice de Reiki Cristic (Reiki Crístico)

Registration: via correo email



Pages to visit:





The meeting is non residential.

The formation of Reikistas Christic is the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Cognitive dimension

Technical dimension

Decisional dimension

All Reiki seminars Christic (RC) are discussed from five perspectives:

  1. Theology as a science.
  2. Experimental science:
  3. Medicine
  4. Quantum physics
  5. Energy
  6. The psychology and psychiatry
  7. The methodology
  8. The practice

Degree obtained:

After school is a practical evaluation and theoretical determinative of approval or disapproval of the seminarian. If you pass the level you have completed the evaluation is seated in the minute book, signed under a notary public, the International Study Group Mystic, department seminars.

And receive a Diploma of GICEM own training, but has no official academic validity, it is perfectly acceptable in the workplace because it ensures a serious and rigorous training in the context of health care, to be classified as a spiritual therapy, which helps to relax.

They can not make the seminar, people with pacemakers or epilepsy.

Important recommendations for the seminarian:

He has to attend the Seminar in comfortable clothes, preferably cotton, not synthetic.

Preferred white clothes

The day before the seminar and during it, FOOD VERY SHOOTING: fruits, vegetables, meat and not much liquid, or heavy meals.

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